Diversity statement

At Responsive Engineering we are committed to employing a diverse workforce and ensuring equal pay for work of equal value.  While an overall mean gender pay gap of 9% is disappointing, we consider that we are ahead of the curve in our industry and region.  Our figure is affected by the low number of females employed in our sector generally and defined market rates for technical roles rather than recruitment and reward practices.  We are incredibly proud to have 29% of females in our executive team which exceeds national averages across all sectors.

To ensure fairness, all hourly rates follow a bands and rates structure which has roles allocated to a band and movement within each band is based on tangible criteria and performance.

In order to take a proactive approach to gender pay issues, as part of our corporate social responsibility we support many grass roots initiatives to promote engineering as a career to young women and encourage the uptake of STEM subjects among girls.  This work is carried out in conjunction with the Reece Foundation https://www.reece-foundation.org/ and many of our female engineers support initiatives in their own time.

Graeme Cook, Managing Director, Responsive Engineering


Gender Pay Gap

Difference in hourly rate of pay – mean

Difference in average rate of pay – median

Difference in bonus pay – mean

Difference in bonus pay – median

Percentage of employees who received bonus pay
Males –              0%
Females –          0%

Employees by pay quartile

Upper quartile:
Males –              94%
Females –          6%

Upper middle quartile:
Males –              97%
Females –          3%

Lower middle quartile:
Males –              100%
Females –          0%

Lower quartile:
Males –              83%
Females –          17%