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We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of waterjet, laser and high definition plasma cutting. One of the first companies to innovate and incorporate waterjet technology, we have the capability to cut almost any material.

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By combining many years of experience and engineering expertise with investments in the latest technology, the precision cutting facility at Responsive Engineering has been able to maintain its leadership in advanced cutting processes. Our company ethos of continuous improvement and development, as shown by our accreditations, has furthered our ability to offer cost-effective, responsive and high-quality cutting services. As a leading supplier across all sectors, along with our commitment to investing in the best technology available, our precision cutting facility is able to deliver a fast, reliable and consistent service.

Plasma Cutting

  • High definition plasma
  • Capability to cut aluminium and all steels including stainless steel
  • Plate cut bed of 6m x 3m
  • Bevel cutting capability
  • Cutting capability high definition up to 50mm thick with flame cutting up to 200mm

Laser Cutting

  • 3 laser machines up to 6kW
  • Cutting capability up to 25mm
  • Up to 15mm aluminium
  • Bed size 4m x 2m

Waterjet Cutting

  • Capability to cut any material up to 200mm thick on 4m x 2m bed
  • Cutting materials including armour plate, all metals and non-metallic materials such as glass and granite
  • No heat affected zone (HAZ)

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