Specialist Welding

We have comprehensively equipped sub-contract specialist welding facilities, covering multiple material types, supported by a large clean room for the welding of non-ferrous alloys in a controlled atmosphere.

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Working to global quality standard ISO 3434-2, our specialist welding service is internationally renowned for its skills in the welding of specialist valves and pumps in high-hardness alloys as well as demanding reclamation and challenging site projects. Responsive Engineering is one of only a select few companies in the world who are qualified to undertake this type of work. The specialist welding facility has a large range of procedures built up over many years which allows it to undertake many critical tasks to suit every type of sub-contract welding job.


  • A dedicated 500m² clean room for the welding of all non-ferrous materials; with 2 positive pressure booths to add an extra level of cleanliness during welding and 20t craneage capacity
  • A highly qualified team of welding technicians, welding co-ordinators and welding auditors, led by a highly experienced welding engineer
  • All welding inspectors are qualified to CSWIP 3.2, CSWIP 3.1 or CSWIP 3.0
  • A comprehensive suite of WPQRs/ WPSs to ASME IX, ISO 15614-1, ISO 15614-2, ISO 15614-7, AWS D1.1 and NORSOK
  • Welders are qualified to ASME IX, EN287-1, 9606-1, 9606-2, AWSD1.1 and NORSOK.
  • An extensive range of material welding capabilities including carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, RQT, aluminium and titanium
  • Processes used include TIG, MIG, MAG, FCAW and MMA

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