Spreading Festive Cheer with Save The Children

December 19, 2023

Throughout December, we have arranged a number of internal fundraising activities to support Save The Children.  We have raised £450 so far…

When it comes to fundraising activities for charities that we care about, all of our Responsive Engineering teams come together. From a cake sale, which shows who the real bakers are, to Christmas Jumper Day, exposing who will go the extra mile to win a competition, our colleagues go above and beyond to participate. We also got together as a team with a company raffle and a ‘Sweets in the Jar’ competition.

We have also just finished a further festive fundraising activity…

Something a little different…

Alongside our usual fundraising activities for Save The Children, we have opted to decorate our office Christmas tree a little differently this year. We promoted a competition internally for our colleagues’ children to decorate flat wooden baubles, which are all currently placed on our main office Christmas tree. All of the children who have entered will receive a small Christmas gift, and from each of the three categories of entrants (based on age groups), there will be a winner who will receive a hamper.

This has been an enjoyable activity for all of the families of Responsive Engineering to be in involved in and certainly an activity we will continue with in future years.

Responsive Engineering Christmas Fundraising for Save The Children UK

Who are Save The Children?

Save The Children is a UK established charity that ensure children are kept safe, healthy and learning in the UK and around the world. They have helped over 45 million children worldwide to receive the medicine, good food and education that they need, thanks to the help of over 600,000 supporters.

So far throughout December, we have raised £450. If you would like to follow our journey supporting Save The Children, follow our LinkedIn page for updates.