The Chairman’s Innovation Challenge

November 7, 2016

John Reece, chairman, Reece Group launches the Chairman's Innovation Challenge

John Reece, chairman, Reece Group launches the Chairman’s Innovation Challenge

Young minds from across the Armstrong Works will be working together as they tackle the Chairman’s Innovation Challenge.

September saw the launch of the group’s first Early Careers Programme as part of its investment in the long-term future of the business.

Six new recruits join five existing employees from across the group’s companies, who are still in the early stages of their careers. During the two-year programme, they will gain a wide range of experience and take part in a series of workshops to support their professional development.

Innovation plays a vital role in chairman John Reece’s vision for the group and he hopes the challenge will encourage those on the programme to think creatively about engineering from the start of their careers.

Three teams have been tasked with finding solutions to specific engineering problems, balancing technical and business considerations.

“As a business we need to be thinking about providing innovative solutions for our customers and thinking about future problems they may face,” said John.  “We want innovation to be a driving force within the group and I hope this challenge will help the participants on the programme to think differently and creatively about engineering.”

Reece Group CEO, Phil Kite, added: “The Reece Group Graduate Scheme and the Early Careers Programme is part of our strategy to increase our investment in the training and development of our workforce. In the future the plan is to roll out the Chairman’s Innovation Challenge across the group reinforcing the group message that innovation is at the heart of the business.”